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6 Tips when hiring a handyman

6 Tips when hiring a handyman

1. Make sure your handyman operates within you local area

Any handyman that takes their business SERIOUS is likely to be listed on Google’s local business section.

That’s the section with the map at the top and business names underneath it. (see image below).

I always start with Google when looking for a service in my area.

Just start by typing ‘handyman near me‘ in the search bar and you will find a list of handymen in your area.

Screenshot Google my Business Listing of web search for Handyman in my area

2. Choose a handyman with positive reviews from other customers

The fastest way to establish the QUALITY of a handyman’s work is reading their reviews and viewing pictures of their work.

Google reviews are difficult to manipulate.

Therefore, it’s a great place to start when looking for a handyman.

TaskTitan Google my Business Listing

Relying on only the reviews on the website of the handyman you are considering is usually a bad idea.

For example, you’re likely to only see reviews the website owner wants you too see.

After all the website owner will want you to book their services.

So it’s in their interest to make everything sound amazing right!

For example, on my website there are two review sections.

The first review section are my reviews from google being pulled in from Google My Business.

I have no control over these reviews.

TaskTitan GMB Reviews

Hence, if you go back to Google and view my business listing you will be able to confirm that these are genuine reviews.

My second review section lower down the page are my older reviews.

These are reviews I received on a third party platform.

I now host these reviews on my own website.

Therefore, I have full control to show, hide or manipulate them as I see fit.

TaskTitan Old Platform Reviews

Fortunately I have high ethics and happen to be extremely good at what I do.

As a result, I have been able to amass a huge number of reviews, all with 100% 5 star ratings.

Plus, I am able to verify every single last one!

(Feel free to request the link to my original profile on the platform where I amassed the bulk of my reviews).

3. View photo’s of the handyman’s work

The old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Similarly, this is true when choosing a handyman.

Check out photo’s of your handyman’s work BEFORE you book with him (or her).

As a result, you may find you SAVE yourself having to call someone like me out to fix a bodged job…

In other words, you won’t end up paying twice ????

4. Check the number of photo’s and how real they look

I always prefer to use my own photos on my website.

You can tell they are REAL as soon as you look at them.

In addition, I think it’s more appropriate for my handyman service.

Generic stock images don’t tell you any more than the text on the page.

So, you still have no idea just how good the service is that you will receive.

Let me give you an example.

Below are two photos I could use to advertise TV mounting on my website.

The photo on the left is a genuine photo of a 55inch TV I mounted for a customer a few months ago.

The second is a generic photo for TV mounting services that you might find on a website like Curry’s.

55 Generic TV Mounting image of man hanging TV on the wall

A Scenarios that might raise a red flag for you when booking a handyman would be:

Only one or two ‘generic chain store type’ photos like the photo on the right in my example.

(or even lot’s of these ‘generic style photo’s’).

They are usually easy to spot.

Due to their polished finish.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this at face value for a service such as TV mounting,

I would only find this acceptable from a large brand such as Curry’s.

For a small handyman service you have no idea what type of quality work I offer.

Put simply, it’s a risk you should only be willing to take if the service is backed by a large company.

5. Choose a handyman that offers accountability

I’m personally not a fan of using people I will never be able to trace again.

For example, what if things go wrong?

It’s one of those thing’s that requires you to read between the lines.

A few things I would look out for when booking a handyman service would be:

Do they have a website?

Are there lots of genuine photos of work completed?

Can you see a profile picture?

Is there any video content you can watch?

Will you be covered in the event of damage?

6. Only use a handyman that carries Public Liability Insurance

This one is the most important with NO EXCEPTIONS.

If there is no mention of Insurance on the website or business listing you should definitely ask.

Don’t feel offensive for asking a handyman whether or not they have insurance.

They should be able to answer this question immediately.

Furthermore, any handyman that provides even average customer service should understand why you are asking and be happy to discuss this with you.

Consequently, if you suspect a handyman does not have insurance just don’t use them.

It’s that simple.

Don’t leave it chance!

How much does it cost for a handyman per hour in the UK?

How much does it cost for a handyman per hour in the UK?

How much a handyman charges will depend on the area in the UK.

A handyman in the UK may charge anywhere from £25 to £65 per hour.

Therefore, at the lower end of the spectrum you can expect to pay between £25 and £50 per job for smaller jobs that take between one and two hours.

Jobs that take over 4 hours may cost £100+.

Generally a handyman in London will charge more than the rest of the UK.

How to find a handyman?

How to find a handyman?

Any handyman that takes their business SERIOUS is likely to be listed on Google’s local business section.

That’s the section with the map at the top and business names underneath it.

I always start with Google when looking for a service in my area.

Just start by typing ‘handyman near me‘ in the search bar.

As a result, you will be presented with a list of handymen in your area.

In the case of TaskTitan you can book online right from the listing.

There’s a video so you can meet me, lots of photo’s so you can see my work, reviews so you hear from other customers and lots of clear explanations that I’m constantly improving.

If your handyman isn’t making this much effort I suggest you get out of the relationship because they aren’t treating you right!????

What a handyman can do?

What a handyman can do?

A handyman can do lots of different jobs around the home.

For example, home repairs and home improvements.

Upgrades such as adding blinds and new curtain rails.

Repairs such as fixing cupboard doors and covering holes in walls.

The list is very long so it is best to ask your handyman what they can or can not do.

Should I use a handyman or a contractor?

Should I use a handyman or a contractor?

Knowing when to use a handyman and when to use a contractor will save you money.

This is because hiring a contractor is more expensive due to their specialised skills.

As a general rule, for small one man jobs there’s a high chance it can be carried out by a handyman.

The easiest way to find out which of the two you should hire is to call and ask.

Using reviews you can call the highest rated of each in your area and ask for their opinion.

If no one want’s to give you an answer… ASK ME!