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Hey, Rory B here.

This is my first ever post on behalf of TaskTitan so please go easy!

The idea of the blog was to be a short mini diary following our growth but also a way to improve our SEO. The thing is, during these early days things are a little quiet which might make for a little bit of a boring blog. A blog post each day of Handyman in Royal Leamington Spa or TV Mounting in Solihull and a photo of a flatscreen TV on a wall in an empty house someone has recently purchased doesn’t exactly line you up for a riveting read now does it?

So I’ve decided to use the blog a little differently. I’m going to make it the place where I vent my thoughts, my business decisions on the daily challenges I face and hopefully let a little of my character out whilst improving my writing skills. Let’s see, here’s to hoping…

Before we start, a little about me. Since TaskTitan is my baby built from the ground up (and I really mean from the ground up) I have done literally everything so far. We’re talking everyting… yes I meant every’ting’! I should probably mention I’m half Jamaican and half Spanish so that you have a little more context in reference to the ‘Ting’ reiteration and also, if I’m being honest I really wanted an excuse to put that out there as it’s a pretty cool mix and something I’m happy to be defined by. I’m very proud to be a young black man and business owner.

When I came up with the idea for TaskTitan it wasn’t actually called TaskTitan and it had nothing to do with what the platform does now but here we are… I had an idea along with a vague understanding of how website’s work so for the next 3 years I learned how to build websites, how to program and code, how to use the Adobe suite and the end result is the very platform you are reading this blog on. Turns out I have a little flair for design and coding. Happy days!

I should probably mention here, I had a rather large advantage when I started on this journey. I have an ‘exceptionally talented in all things technology’ mentor and friend Matthew Sparkes. Matthew is a rather unique individual akin to myself but far advanced by some 30 years on me in the area’s of Web Design, Coding & Programming and all things Graphic Design. Matthew is the reason TaskTItan is able to exist. So yes, whilst I built TaskTitan from scratch heavy credit must be given to Matthew Sparkes Web Design in Leamington Spa for all of the late nights helping me learn, create, attempt to fix, cry and re-fix my attempted fix on so many lines of code. If your a business and you have a website I definitely recommend you check out Matthew’s website Sparkes Creative.

I really have put my heart and soul into this. From the logo and the colours to the fact that we always round down when billing customers or the layout of the user interface. Every decision has been thoughful crafted and the business is an emobdiement of the thing’s I have learned in business and life. My dreams, my ethics, my morals, my innovation, my optimism and foresight all wrapped into thousands of lines of code working in unison not only to create a sustainable business but more importantly Technology with the potential to create jobs for real people.

So that’s me, Rory B. Owner of TaskTitan, Entrepreneur, No. 1 Rated Handyman, Website Developer, Mixing Engineer, Graphic Designer but most importantly, Dad.

Until the next post I bid you peace out!

P.S Some post’s will be good, some will be bad so I apologise in advance while I work this thing out.

P.P.S Hit the logo and book a service if you’re in the Warwickshire area and you need to get stuff done!

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